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The most exciting news of the year, so far…

As the year 2018 is slowly reaching to its end, we have curated for you this year’s most exciting news around fur and faux fur. They simply show how fastly things are changing in a very positive way. This article will be updated if more importants industry-changing news make the headlines by the end of the year.

Diane Von Furstenberg

Fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg becomes the latest international fashion brand to drop fur. The american designer said in a statement :


" I am so excited that technology has provided us a way to feel as glamourous with faux fur "

ECOPEL introduces recycled faux fur

ECOPEL aims at becoming a leader in new ways to create faux fur. At last september’s world renowned textile fair Première Vision held in Paris, We had the opportunity to present the first developments of our new range of textile made from plastic bottles. ECOPEL will be a game changer in the future with even more recycled faux fur produced in the coming year.

Los-Angeles bans the sale of fur

L.A is on track to become the largest city in the US to ban the sales of fur clothing and accessories said Jonah Engel Bromwich in the New-York Times. The adjective « real » should have been specified because faux fur are not going to be included in this new law. Los-Angeles’s city council can be acclaimed for such a modern and courageous law, hence becoming one of several cities in California, including San Fransisco and West Hollywood, that have banned fur.

London Fashion Week vows to be fur free

This is a very symbolic decision coming from a country that has always been at the forefront of the environmental protection and animal welfare. It is also a logical step. Indeed the UK was the first country to ban fur farming in the world (in 2000) becoming an example for other countries inspired by this sensible decision. This kind of initiative can only encourage the textile industry and fashion designers to question their practices and to be more involved in newer and smarter fabrics.

New invesTIgation in Lithuania

Is this really new ? Once again a shocking investigation revealed by a non-profit organization reveals appaling conditions for thousands of mink raised in battery cages in Lithuania. Sadly, this type of videos have regularly surfaced during the last 2 decades and will only become history when all fashion brands will have switched from animal fur to faux. In this context we take great pride in offering a totally victim-free fabric.

Burberry goes fur free

Most luxury brands are dictching fur. This time it’s the turn of Burberry to announce a strict no-fur Policy. CEO Marco Gobbetti made the announcement in an interview for Business of Fashion while on Instagram, Riccardo Tisci, new artistic director of the legendary brand, heralded the news with a delightfull hashtag : #modernluxury

Norwegian government bans fur farming

Probably one of the most beautiful way to start the year. Last january, Norway’s new government agreed to ban all fur farms by 2024. This is big news from a country that counts not less than 200 intensive farms mainly foxes and mink raised for the sole purpose of obtaining fur.

The most exciting news of the year, so far…

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