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Thanks faux fur !

In this week’s italian magazine PAMBIANCO,  we are running a full page advertising in order to spread a very positive message.

While the textile and fashion industry are in the midst of a significant reassessment of existing practices with the goal to improve sustainable goals, we thought it was time to spread some positivity.

Undoubtedly, the process of building awareness and implementing better ways to create textiles has just begun. Like it was reported on the UK edition of Vogue few months ago

2019 is the Year of fashion taking sustainability seriously.

Journalist Tasmin Blanchard elaborates :


“ Fashion is finally waking up to sustainability (…) but the level of awareness and action is still at a very early stage. "


Sustainability is now at the heart of a growing number of fashion brands strategy :

From commitments to stop the use of animal fur to a widespread use of recycled materials we, at ECOPEL, are willing to participate actively in this necessary evolution.


Even though it is still hard to find a definition of sustainability that can get everyone to agree, we consider that the concept of reduction is crucial be it for animal-use or our natural resources.


In our new campaign we are highlighting one of the most tangible and substantial effect of a wider use of faux fur by fashion brands : a life saving effect.


It is estimated that in 2018, less animals have been exploited for their fur. This low estimate leads us to consider that probably 20 million animals (foxes and mink) have been saved. This is due to the latest innovations in textile developments, especially in the field of faux fur, in conjunction with more fur bans being implemented around the globe and the good work of various NGO’s.





As today pressure grows to make fashion more sustainable, we think that all positive and immediate effects have to be highlighted with pride so the whole conversation does not become too anxiety-provoking.


Yes, fashion has an important impact on our planet, but good news exist and bring hope for a more responsible future. When a luxury brand stops using animal-fur, at the other end of the spectrum, a significant number of animals are being spared, thus reducing dramatically animal-use in the fashion industry, and also reducing the negative environmental impacts linked to intensive factory farming.


Of course, more has to be done to reduce our impact on the environment. That is why we have been heavily promoting recycling.  Today, it is estimated that only 1% of our garments are recycled which is tragically too low. At our level we are pushing for more recycling : we have expanded our range of recycled polyester teddy and wooly faux fur. We also have some good news in the field of bio fabrication being announced in the coming months with an exclusive collaboration with a world renowned sustainable textile company. We want to be able to bring more fashion brands to stop the use of animal-fur while promoting in the same time a new generation of synthetic furs.


“Stay tuned for further details about our new recycled faux furs and bio-based options."

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