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ECOPEL launches DO IT FUR LOVE with Marco De Vincenzo

A campaign to promote creativity and innovation, using faux fur as a starting point.

This year, a selection of prestigious designers are invited to work with Ecopel Faux Fur. Through these collaborations, designers fully dive into the creative possibilities offered by the faux fur material in finding new and playful ways to use this feel-good material.


As a new generation of designers is asking for more ethics and sustainability in the textile industry, DO IT FUR LOVE is a platform to push the boundaries of what’s possible with faux fur.



Innovation and responsibility


Ecopel as a leader in faux fur wants to support the fashion industry in spreading the inherent positivity linked to faux fur, from animal-friendly fashion to better recycling and textile innovation.


Ecopel’s DO IT FUR LOVE is a selection of exclusive designs made by passionate designers on luxury faux fur with the goal to inspire the entire fashion industry. These exclusive designs will be presented exclusively in a selection of professional events throughout the year and will be an opportunity to celebrate a reopening world after a crisis that has created so many changes in the fashion industry.


We are proud to start this campaign with MARCO DE VINCENZO one of the most talented Italian designer of its generation. Graduated from the Fashion and Costume at the European Institute of Design, Marco joined the Fendi style office and created his own line in 2009.


His flamboyant yet elegant style is immediately recognizable and mixes graphic lines or neutral colors for an effortlessly chic attitude.

Ecopel Launches do it fur love

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