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ECOPEL goes at school.

Aleksandrina is the 6th student that we are proud to support with our faux fur offering.

We had a chat with her, and here is what she has to say about her inspirations and her project « skin fetish »…


When it comes to fashion, my biggest inspiration comes from the past. I love going back through the years with movies and books, and exploring the beauty of the past, from the unique medieval costumes to the glorious gown of the Versailles` ladies. My other fashion inspiration comes from reading fashion biographies and knowing better the personalities of my favorite fashion designers. Olivier Rousteing became my fashion idol as soon as I saw his first collection. I admire his creativity and his passion when it comes to fashion.


 "Skin Fetish" is a project dedicated to our primary shell - the skin. No matter how many clothes we are wearing, the first wrap is our skin itself. My collection is aiming at showing the infinite array of textures that our skin can produce. Through shearling, faux fur and different fabric manipulations, I would like to wrap the body and its volumes and create a second skin.


I am completely in love with the quality and the beauty of the fabric I have received from Ecopel. I was really impressed from the variety of textures, color shades and density of the fabrics.


During the last 15 month we have had the pleasure to help and support several talented students in fashion and design.


Edlyn from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Margaux from Esmod Paris, Jana from Istituto Marangoni Paris, Mounir & Margaux both from Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin Strasbourg all made beautiful use of our material, offered without any creative restrictions. We only ask students to not mix faux fur with animal fur in order to keep our positive animal-friendly message consistent.


Faux fur is a material the new generation of designers love to use : it is versatile, can look simple and elegant or totally crazy…it remains the ultimate « feel-good » fur.


Images are better than words. This is a short selection of our students favorite looks.



We sent her a nice selection of faux furs coming from our showroom deadstock which was in line with her specific desire to have an eco-friendly approach. Those faux furs were mostly scraps from coats. They now have a second life in the form of very cool patchworks and details of coats. Brilliantly up-cycled.



Decided to pay tribute to Simone de Beauvoir, one of the most recognized feminist figure, through her collection. Simone de Beauvoir was nicknamed « la marmotte » (the otter). As Margaux is an animal lover, it was an obvious choice for her to only use faux fur.


In her vision, Jana wanted to create something very structured, inspired by cubism. Zaha Hadid, Franck Gehry and Picasso were important parts of her inspirations. We love that delicate pink faux fur coat.

Mounir & Margaux

worked in pairs for a beautifull project named « replica ». They told us :


We played with the idea of replica through the ecopel company which we used for our demonstration of the concept. They welcomed our projetc with interest and empathy, supplying us with a magnificient faux asian black bear which we had chosen as a tribute to China

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