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Ecopel partners with Vanessa Bruno with the launch of Cannaba wool

This season, Vanessa Bruno continues her ethical and eco-responsible commitment with the creation of a new innovative coat made with Cannaba, a vegan wool exclusively made in France.

Vanessa Bruno is known for her minimalist yet sophisticated designs worn by legions of independent, urban, gipsy and elegant women all around the world.


Our Cannaba animal-free wool is a perfect fit for her vision.

Made of blends of hemp and recycled fiber, our new material is entirely made in France in Peltex, our affiliate based in Les Vosges (France).


Peltex is a renowned faux fur mill which has been operating since 1954 and the last of its kind in France. Peltex holds two certifications : the France Terre Textile and the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant. Under the vision of Peltex and the expertise of Ecopel, it was decided to create a new type of wool, that meets today’s societal expectations in terms of ethics and sustainability.


Cannaba Wool is a super nice teddy that ticks all the right boxes : vegan and made in a responsible way, it supports the hemp industry and promotes recycling. It fits perfectly in Ecopel’s new strategy Make A change one of the themes of which is the development of reduced-environmental impact materials (pillar number 1).


Hemp is one of the most sustainable material available today and unlike cotton, does not require large quantities of water and a limited use of pesticide. Hemp is blended with recycled polyester which allow the material to be more durable and thus will last many years. Recycling is eco-friendly : it diverts waste from landfills and represents a drop of 32% in energy use and 59% in co2 emissions compared with virgin polyester.


" When it comes to style, we have a double requirement : visual and tactile. The softness should be felt both with the hand and with the eye. This faux fur with a wooly aspect met all our expectations. "

- Vanessa Bruno


A year after the launch of KOBA® bio-based fur with Stella McCartney, ECOPEL follows its strategy to show new eco-friendly and ethical materials with designers in order to bring more light to the importance of collaborations for a greener fashion industry. The message is clear : suppliers, brands and non-profits organisations work hands in hands to create a more sustainable textile industry.



Ecopel partners with Vanessa Bruno

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