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In defense of black bears

ECOPEL partners with PETA

Faux fur has always been linked to animal protection and the growing awareness in the way we treat nature and animals.

Animals are not resources


Faux fur has been the ultimate “activist material” for decades, long before it became popular to be an activist.

So, it doesn’t come as a surprise for Ecopel to finally collaborate with Peta, the largest animal-right organization, known for its impacting, sometimes provocative campaigns.


However, Peta has had a huge positive impact on today’s fashion industry policies, bringing to light disturbing – but useful – images of some of the worst practices occurring in the animal-use industries.



Let’s protect wildlife


Last week Peta UK has restarted a campaign with the goal to ask the British MOD to replace the Queen’s guards’ caps made of black bear furs by high-quality replicas provided by Ecopel.


Very few people know that many of these beautiful wild creatures are killed every year for this ornamental purpose.


According to The Telegraph:

''Between 50 and 100 of the 18-inch hats, used by the military since the 1815, are bought by the Army each year at a cost of roughly £650 each.''


Only a small part of the animal’s fur will be used: the area of the bear pelt where the fur is the longest (9,5 cm not less). The rest will be thrown away.



Switching from animal-fur to faux is positive


Switching from animal-fur to Ecopel’s faux fur would spare hundreds of these animals.

But there are other positive aspects that needs to be highlighted:


Ecopel commits to offer free of charge for 10 years the faux fur needed to create the hats.

As a result, the MOD would save a considerable amount of money and could attribute this capital to other important social causes such as child-care, support for the needy or nature protection…There is no lack of great causes.


Finally, using faux fur could improve the health of the Queen’s guards.

Faux fur is a much lighter material, which will have a lesser weight on the guard’s neck.




In defense of black bears: ECOPEL partners with PETA

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